Collection: La Serra

The name "La Serra" takes its origins from the magnificent monumental greenhouses, often nestled near monasteries and castles, dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal herbs. These enchanting places not only inspired the design of the La Serra perfume bottle, but also evoke, both in their characteristics and in their colors, the pharmaceutical containers for tonics. The brand's Manifesto emphasizes that greenhouses represent havens of life, where plants can thrive even in the face of adverse climatic conditions.
There are many similarities between a perfume and a greenhouse. On the one hand, the bottle of a perfume contains extracts of raw materials from the four corners of the globe. On the other hand, the very essence of perfume lies in its ability to transform the wearer, giving them a feeling of fullness and security, just as a plant flourishes in the microclimate of a greenhouse.
The first line of La Serra perfumes is dedicated to mental health, a theme fortunately increasingly present and widespread. It has been carefully designed to support our quest for an ideal environment conducive to a fulfilling life.
Founded in 2023