Collection: Zeromolecole

For more than twenty years, Stefania Marzufero Boni has been exploring essences and selecting fragrances around the world.
Today, she enthusiastically introduces Zeromolecole, a range she personally developed to revive memories of special moments, people and places that have deeply touched the heart (and nose) of a perfume enthusiast. This line evokes a family history through precious olfactory expressions. Zeromolecole is an intimate collection with a memorable play on words: "No-Molecules". Each unique scent in this range can reflect and identify your personality. By highlighting the magical essence of perfume, the molecule, the main ingredient that allows Stefania to create unique and fascinating bouquets, Zeromolecole also pays homage to Turin by bearing the name of the symbol of the city: the Mole.
Founded in 2010