Who are we ?

Welcome to the captivating world of perfumes, where we have carefully selected rare, confidential and creative brands. At UNI/VERE PARFUMERIE, these brands are enhanced by our interior collections, making us the embodiment of the art of olfaction.

Discover our Shop

We are proud to welcome you to our luxurious boutique located at 56 bis rue du Louvre, in the second arrondissement of Paris. This is where you can explore our unique selection of fragrances.

About Our Founders

Imagine the adage that opposite personalities complement each other perfectly. That's exactly what we are. Magnetism meets audacity to embody the evidence of the senses. Our mission is to put our know-how and our passion at the service of your olfactory identity.

Anissa has been passionate about perfumes since a young age. She knows how perfumes have the power to evoke emotions and memories. Over the years, she has acquired solid experience in the field of confidential perfumery by working for various companies, while developing her skills as an autodidact. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and industry innovations, Anissa stays at the forefront of her profession.

Silvère has been passionate about smells and perfumes since his childhood. His first contact with the world of perfume dates back to the age of 5, when he attended, in his small way, the May rose harvests in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. With a keen sense of business, he likes to share his passion and introduce newbies to this rich world of niche perfumery. With more than 10 years of experience in the perfume sector and previous companies in this field, Silvère, like Anissa, will understand your expectations and help you find your olfactory signature or the fragrance that is missing from your collection.

The Choice of Name

Our name, UNI/VERE PARFUMERIE, reveals the nicknames of its creators, NINI for Anissa and VERE for Silvère. It evokes images of the Milky Way, solar and lunar forces, universal elements which have always fascinated the two founders. The name draws its inspiration from the universe, a limitless world that constantly nourished their creativity. It was in the world of perfumery that their destiny crossed. In this universe, the idea of ​​union is essential, just like through perfume, where identities, senses, memories and encounters come together. The symbol “/” represents the opposite and complementary union between the two creators.

UNI/VERE PARFUMERIE in a few words

Our identity can be summed up in three words: Pure, Sincere, Confidential.