Collection: Harvests

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: to the rhythm of nature's cycles, Récoltes launches its collection of three scented candles each season. These candles transport you to the harvest site where the fragrant plant is picked.
Driven by Élodie Cottin and Martin Jaccard, two perfume professionals determined to now stand on their own two feet, the Récoltes brand provides the opportunity to reverse the trend. They are keen to come to terms with what nature offers us rather than constraining it ever more to the unreasonable pace of fashion and luxury, as well as returning to the artisanal tradition of wax by pouring their candles by hand.
Working with nature also means respecting cultural gestures. Récoltes prefers the short circuit, selects quality raw materials with its perfumers that are perfectly traceable. Producers are mostly located in the Mediterranean basin. They grow flowers, herbs, wood, and collect, pick and transform with the greatest know-how.
Founded in 2020