Collection: Élisire

Through Élisire, Franck Salzwedel wished to share his passion for perfume and painting, driven by a deep fascination for nature. The universe around him, the world, the sky, the sun, the light, the stars and the elements, all inspire him. But above all, he marvels at the miracle of color and its influence on the sensory and emotional spectrum. Colors have a transcendent power, acting directly on body and soul, whether light, vibrant, dark or soft, alone or in harmony with each other.
In creating the Élisire fragrances, Franck Salzwedel imagined layered auras, emerging colors that solicit all the senses to awaken. These extracts are like colored mists that gradually evolve, evoking aurora, dawn and dusk. These are those special moments when everything seems suspended, inviting contemplation and new promises
Founded 2015