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In the delicate balance of the universe, there is no light without darkness. This perfume, like a reflection of the human soul, captures the dark side that resides in each of us. Through its deep and captivating notes, it evokes the mysteries of the shadows, the hidden nuances of our deepest thoughts. It is a sensory journey that confronts us with our own duality, inviting us to embrace all facets of our being, even the darkest.

Olfactory Notes: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Somali Frankincense, Licorice, Leather, Vetiver, Patchouli

Nose: Stefania Marzufero Boni

*You can order a maximum of 3 samples of the same reference, any order not respecting this condition will unfortunately be automatically canceled

* Regarding the list of ingredients for each of the fragrances offered by our online store (in the form of bottles or samples), please note that these may change depending on the production of each reference. To ensure that the products purchased from UNI/VERE perfumery are suitable for your use, we invite you to consult the up-to-date ingredient lists on the packaging of your products and/or on the official website of each house that we represent. .

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