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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

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“Cotton Candy”, the very first exclusive perfume from UNI/VERE PARFUMERIE, designed by the talented perfumer Theodoros Kalotinis, is not content to be a simple perfume. It represents a captivating olfactory experience that evokes the magical process of making Cotton Candy. Embodying the very essence of sweetness and enchantment, this fragrance transports its wearers to a world where sugar is transformed into art.

From the first notes, Cotton Candy captivates the senses with its addictive and sensual blend. Delicate accords of spun sugar and vanilla blend together to create a captivating symphony that envelops the skin in a sweet veil, awakening the sweetest memories of childhood...

Olfactory Notes: Cotton Candy, Caramel, Vanilla, Musk

Nose: Theodoros Kalotinis

*You can order a maximum of 3 samples of the same reference, any order not respecting this condition will unfortunately be automatically canceled

Ingredients: Alcohol denat*, perfume, coumarin

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