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For the second world exclusivity of UNI/VERE, Anissa & Silvère founders, decided to work again with the Greek perfumer who no longer needs to be introduced, namely THEODOROS KALOTINIS. For this creation they decided to go further in daring by developing a fragrance based solely on feeling and emotion. Thus was born MUSK, a perfume that we wear for ourselves, on ourselves and obviously for others, for others.
A perfume thought of as a true carnal elixir, addictive and mysterious, almost pheromonal.

"Musk" intrigues, lets the soul escape and allows our senses to merge in order to leave each person who smells it a free interpretation, hence the fact that apart from musk, no other ingredients will be cited and the formula will remain a secret. You decide what this scent will be for you.

Olfactory Note: Musk

Nose: Theodoros Kalotinis

*You can order a maximum of 3 samples of the same reference, any order not respecting this condition will unfortunately be automatically canceled

Ingredients: Alcohol denat*, perfume, acetyl cedrene, alpha-isomethyl ionone, amyl cinnamal, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, beta caryophyllene, camphor, citral, cronellol, cinnamal, cinnamyl alcohol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, geranyl acetate, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal, isoeugenol, isoeugenyl acetate, juniperus virginiana or, limonene, linalool, linalyl acetate, methyl salicylate, pinene, rose ketones, terpineol, terpinolene, tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, trimethylbenzenepropanol, vanillin.

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